About FbyElin

Established since 2018

Fashion, photography & travel

Are you a sucker for photography and would like to learn more? Or do you need a preset for your next trip? OR just love the way I’m editing my photo… then I guess you are at the right place! Welcome to my preset world!

Me, who is the girl behind this shop is Elin Hansson a 25 year old photographer and digital creator based in Gothenburg Sweden who loves traveling and fashion.

My passion is creating and inspiring people. I’ve always knew that I’m a creative person who wants to work with fashion, photography and being able to travel the world and bring my job with me. I’ve started my fashion blog about 9 years ago, ended up on Instagram 6 years later and fell in love with traveling and photography. I wanted to combine my passion for fashion with beautiful photos and great views.

Furthermore, I would like to inspire people to follow their dreams and to create their own great stories. I decided to start this webshop to share my experiences and skills to help people creating better content and photography. Editing is a huge part of the creative process and a good way to get your own feeling and style. It’s a way to express yourself and
to inspire others out there. I wanted to create a shop filled with different filters for different tastes and situations. I really hope that you guys will enjoy it and learn something new.

Xxx Elin

” My passion is creating and inspiring people “